Grid Simulation Services for the Medical Community

Guntram Berti, Guy Lonsdale, Jens Georg Schmidt, Siegfried Benkner, D. Rodney Hose, John W. Fenner, David M. Jones, Stuart E. Middleton, Gert Wollny:
Grid Simulation Services for the Medical Community. International Journal of Computational Methods, 5, no. 2, pp. 289-317 (2008)
The first part of this paper presents a selection of medical simulation applications, including image reconstruction, near real-time registration for neuro-surgery, enhanced dose distribution calculation for radio-therapy, inhaled drug delivery prediction, plastic surgery planning and cardio-vascular system simulation. The latter two topics are discussed in some detail. In the second part, we show how such services can be made available to the clinical practitioner using Grid technology. We discuss the developments and experience made during the EU project GEMSS, which provides reliable, efficient, secure and lawful medical Grid services.