Generic Programming Support for Mesh Partitioning Based Parallelization

Guntram Berti. Generic Programming Support for Mesh Partitioning Based Parallelization. In Jörg Striegnitz, Kei Davis, editors, Proceedings of the Workshop on Parallel/High-Performance Object-Oriented Scientific Computing (POOSC'03), number IB-2003-09 in NIC series, pages 15-30. Forschungszentrum Jülich, July 2003.

We present a domain-specific, library based approach for parallelizing mesh-based data-parallel applications (like PDE solution) using the domain partitioning paradigm. Concepts are presented to formalize the notions of domain and mesh partitioning. Generic programming is used to implement reusable software components that encapsulate the common core of domain partitioning and make it available to application programmers. A novel aspect of our approach is its independence of the underlying sequential structured or unstructured mesh data structures, which make reuse of much pre-existing sequential application code possible.

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